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优质澳洲区块链项目艺术全球(ArtChain Global),志在打造基于开放且可扩展底层区块链技术的全球艺术资产生态系统,联合艺术家、拍卖行、美术馆、博物馆、收藏家以及消费者等共同创建一个弱中心化、分布式的艺术资产登记、艺术注册、艺术交易、艺术溯源的公共系统,实现线下艺术资产与线上数字资产的链接流通。

ArtChain Global is a revolution in registration, tracking, protection and accountability for artwork. Based on open, extendable blockchain technology, the ArtChain Global platform synchronizes digital and offline assets for anyone involved in trading, collecting or producing works of art.


ATN所打造的 AI Market 是利用区块链去中心协调、开放透明、无需授权等特性,为AI 产业提供一个AI 服务共享的协议和一整套设施,让AI 服务提供者和消费者便捷的接入这个市场,从而解决 AI 服务交换困难的问题,大大促进人工智能领域的创新发展。

ATN is using blockchain technology to build a decentralized and trustless AI-as-a-service (AIaaS) marketplace that allows universal participation of different players in the AI space. This will allow corporations, SMEs, developers, and computing power providers all to join the space and efficiently combine resources to quickly develop and utilize new AI, all in a secure and collaborative environment.


DREAM 是世界领先的高端区块链人才市场,使用区块链技术分散化管理身份和信誉信息,在保持开放和透明的同时提供更深层次的见解。

DREAM is building upon a revenue generating blockchain talent platform. Project success hinges on the team, yet pulling the right one together is tough. The current model of one-to-one freelance hiring doesn’t scale. DREAM leverages AI to model the outcome of past projects to build teams with the right skills and fit.



Expread is an easy-to-create digital asset exchange platform based on mature technology architecture and collaborative governance business model.



MJOY offers a comprehensive decentralized tech platform to ensure a democratic, fast and credible ecosystem for Gaming Developers, IP (intellectual Property) Derivatives Developers and End Users. MJOY defines its architecture into 3 layers, Blockchain layer; Ecosystem layer; Dapp Layer.



Pocketcon.io, a project that has been primed with imminent industry disruption by becoming the leading Decentralized Ecosystem of Digital Creativities.Pocketcoin is an ERC20 token built on top of the Ethereum network. The token can be used to play games, buy premium items and digital artwork at the virtual marketplace. The team consists of the same developers that built Gaia Online, one of the largest online communities and avatar based social networking in the US with over 29 million registered users and 2.3 billion forum posts.By the end of Q3 2018, Pocketcon will be listed on the ILC (Ilovecoin.com).



Profede is using blockchain to bypass the intermediaries in the professional world and create a direct connection between professionals and businesses. On the Profede Professional Protocol?, professionals control their personal data and get paid each time businesses access it to offer them a uniquely targeted job offer, a commercial offer or a specific business proposal. Profede brings essential value to professionals and businesses by making data valuable and eliminating intermediaries.



RoadLaunch is an IBM certified partner. Working towards the world’s first AI, IoT & Blockchain solution for freight and fleet management. We now are extending our solution with FactR, a Blockchain based digital wallet.



TAS is a public chain that supports trust computing on heterogeneous network. The biggest feature is the high security and low energy decentralized consensus algorithm D4S and the user-friendly business programming language COM.



A new property ecosystem built on the immutable blockchain, a decentralized market using crypto currency and smart contract in a smart economy.


AllSpark 是改变人类信息创造、传递和价值的全新生态公链。在 AllSpark 分布式 平台上,内容创作者,内容传播者与内容消费者之间通过自由设定不同的交易机制完成内容的撮合交易。最终实现通过自由市场机制决定内容价值,让内容创作者和传播者都获得经济回报。同时为了让优秀的创作者和内容能够获得正向的反馈,我们设计了一套基于区块链 Token的评价激励机制,让区块链上不可篡改的口碑成为对内容和创作者最客观的评价。

AllSpark is a public blockchain platform that optimizes the production relationship between content creators, advertisers and social media users. Utilizing transaction privacy protection and Ethereum smart contract features, AllSpark lays the foundation for a new wave of revolutionary content-sharing DApps.
On the AllSpark platform, content creators, distributors, and consumers can participate in a revolutionary economy of pure content trading wherein various mechanisms of their choice are established. Thereafter, the free market will determine the content’s value and related creators and distributors can see proportionate returns.
AllSpark Tokens can be traded among users to settle transactions and fuel smart contract consumption.

Insee Network

Insee Network致力于区块链底层协议和前端应用的探索,通过搭建一个去中心化的数据处理分析网络,支持第三方开发商构建自己的应用程序,从而建立全球最大的视觉协同网络。通过区块链技术对清算系统的改造,实现“贡献即交易,交易即清算,清算即权益”。
以内容孵化、分发网络、分布式数据为设计核心,引入多链架构、侧链机制、智能合约等底层技术,Insee Network将数字经济与视觉内容产业完美融合,促进生产者(IP制作方)、消费者、广告方和投资者之间的交流和协同,将视觉内容产业从“由资本驱动”转变为“由内容驱动”,真正成为“优质内容的培养皿”。

Insee Network is committed to the exploration of the underlying protocol and front-end applications of the blockchain. By building a decentralized data processing and analysis network, it supports third-party developers to build their own applications, thus establishing the world's largest visual collaboration network.
The Insee protocol will reconstruct the value network of visual content production, dissemination, consumption, and evolution at the bottom level, help creators and potential consumers to participate in the process of visual content production,meanwhile also help facilitate the production of the most innovative and high-quality contents.



The RETA Foundation, based in Singapore, seeks to modernize the self-service trend by bringing the market into the blockchain. Due to its massive demand and affinity for cryptocurrencies, China has been identified as the top candidate for this groundbreaking system. The RETA Network is the first platform on the blockchain for the distribution and operation of smart vending machines and kiosks. These low-overhead terminals eliminate the need for employees with artificial intelligence and replace centralized fiat currency with the RETA cryptocurrency.The goal of this network is not simply to create a single smart retail business but to build a platform that fosters dozens, if not hundreds of businesses. The implementation of these startups on the RETA platform will be built upon the foundation of the RETA currency which can be issued through ICO crowdfunding campaigns.


THPC基于区块链底层技术构建全球首个弱中心化的德州扑克生态圈。THPC由Genesis创世资本,韩国知名区块链Tong global基金公司等知名投资机构领投,旨在利用区块链、智能合约、大数据统计、AI分析等技术,为德扑行业的上下游产业提供技术解决方案,改善全球德扑行业的生态环境,推动德州扑克文化的健康发展。THPC以 DPOS 为基础共识算法,拓展闪电网络、网格网络等新型区块链技术,其本身也是一个基于区块链的德扑玩家和参与者的认证平台,既能服务于线上平台的搭建、开放广泛的 API 端口方便产业链各环节的接入,也能确保IP内容产出及线下活动的可信化对接。

Texas Hold 'em Poker Chain (hereinafter referred to as the THPC) is the world's first weak centralized Texas poker ecosystem chain based on the underlying technology of Blockchain technology, by attracting Texas poker players and practitioners to accelerate the development of Texas poker industry and build an ecological environment. THPC takes DPOS as the basic consensus algorithm to promote new emerging technologies like lightning network and grid network, it is also a certification platform of Texas poker players and participants based on Blockchain, to serve the construction of the online platform.


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