BC EVENT,是活动行家EVENTSPLUS旗下专业打造的区块链活动社区,专注于通过各种线上线下活动形式,打造区块链项目一级市场的生态链,促成区块链应用项目的融资,落地和孵化。


BC EVENT is a professional Blockchain event community of Eventsplus, focusing on organizing various online and offline events, to build the ecological chain by Blockchain, to discover and incubate Blockchain projects.

Through a series of blockchain investor happy hour, roadshow, consulting and PR services, BC EVENt could offer many potential coorporation between investors and Blockchain Projects, to bring more great overseas and domestic Blockchain Projects. Based on many years event experience of organizing FinTech and Blockchain summit, we have huge industry database and resources, excellent content planning and marketing skills, a professional team for efficient prject execution.

  • 项目路演及PR活动,


    Project Roadshow and PR Event,Mutiple Industry Summit

  • 媒体投放和线上宣传

    Media Connection and Online Promotion

  • 10余年大型国际峰会主办经验, 给予客户贯穿行业的深度交流展示平台

    Experience of International Summit Hosting, to Make Depth Interactions and Communication with targeted clients

  • 区块链培训、区块链行业人才猎头服务

    Blockchain Trainning, Assisting in the Recruiting of Blockchain Talents

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